Foster Care, Adoption

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Foster Care Support

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services offers continued training and support to families before, during and after permanency has been achieved. Through a continuum of care services, beginning with STRTP (group homes) through Intensive Treatment Foster Care, to regular Foster Care and finally adoption services, Sierra Vista is well equipped to meet the needs of almost any child in care to find a loving, consistent, structured home in which children will thrive and crisis support services that meet the needs of the child and family during the most difficult times. Sierra Vista offers on-call support, training in the home, Resource family support nights, in English and in Spanish, quarterly activities and participation in Adoption fairs and other activities to ensure that our families receive the best training and therapeutic services available in California. If there is anything that a child or family needs, rest assured, we will find it for them.



Adoption Services

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services offers adoptive services for families with a desire to expand their own family. Whether you are an empty nester, struggle to have your own children or are looking to expand your current family, Sierra Vista will work with you to find the child that needs a good home and will change your life forever.



Become A Forever Family For A Foster Child

Our Foster/Adopt Program is your opportunity to open your heart and home to a child needing the loving care of a family. As the state implements changes throughout all of Child Welfare, Sierra Vista Child & Family Services stays current with the expectations of local and state agencies in the expectations for care, treatment, and services for children in care.


Sierra Vista is licensed to seek out and approve Resource Families (formerly known as Foster Families) in and around the communities surrounding the Central Valley. Sierra Vista seeks families that have the willingness, ability, and resources to provide care to children that have suffered trauma and loss in their life and focus its training on how to support children through this process.


Becoming a foster parent is a commitment and a rewarding experience. It requires that you meet specific criteria designated by the state and enhanced by Sierra Vista, but anyone with the desire, ability, willingness, and resources to help a child will make a great Resource Parent.



Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program

(formerly Residential Treatment Program)

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services provides two Group Homes for children ages six to fourteen that struggle in regular foster care or in-home placements. These children need specialized care to ensure their safety and well-being. The homes are located in clean, safe and family-oriented neighborhoods in Modesto, California and are staffed with caring, nurturing and highly trained staff that ensure these children receive the most current, therapeutic and behavioral interventions.


The goal of these homes is to assist the client in developing skills that promote socially appropriate functioning in the family, community, and academic settings, and to transition them to a lower level of care as soon as possible. These 24-hour facilities partner with therapeutic, educational, and appropriate social supports to ensure that the children are receiving the best treatment for their specific emotional, physical, behavioral and educational needs.



Resource Parent Forms

Preapproval, Frequently Used, and Reapproval Forms

Foster Care Q & A

Did you know that the name of Foster Parents is changing? They are now going to be known as Resource Parents. Did you know that you don’t have to be married to become a Resource Parent? You don’t have to own your own home and that you can live in an apartment, duplex or other approved dwelling to have children come into your home. All you need is the ability, willingness, and resources to care for a child in order to become a Resource Parent. Sierra Vista has built its foster program based on the support and training that it provides to its families and the services it offers the children that come into care.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call 209-491-0872 or come to an informative orientation class held every first Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the Foster Care & Adoption Services office or check out our Facebook page at Sierra Vista Foster Care and Adoptions and like us!


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