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We need your help to provide loving homes for children who need safety, stability, and support. As a Resource Parent, you can provide temporary care for children until they can safely reunify with their birth families or become a forever home for children who are open for adoption.

Becoming a Resource Parent requires you to meet specific criteria to ensure you can provide a safe home for children. This commitment will give you the opportunity to change a child’s life, and Sierra Vista will be your support system as you navigate this process. We provide you with the training necessary to understand the needs of children in foster care and how to work toward their healing.

Becoming a Resource or Adoptive Parent

Becoming a Resource or Adoptive Parent involves a thorough process that ensures the safety and well-being of children. The following are the steps that one needs to take to become a Resource or Adoptive Parent:

  • Submit an application

  • Complete a background check and receive a clearance

  • Attend orientation

  • Complete 12 hours of pre-approval training

  • Mandated Reporter Training

  • CPR and First Aid certification

  • Submit required paperwork

  • Have your home assessed for safety and compliance with regulations

  • Meet with a social worker who will complete a home study report about your family

Once these steps are successfully completed you can be approved as a Resource Parent. The process may take several months to complete, but it ensures that children are placed in safe and loving homes.

Potential Resource Family Forms

Below are the preapproval forms that need to be completed and submitted during the process of becoming an Approved Resource Family. Please contact the Resource Family Approval Specialist as needed with questions or more information at (209)491-0872. All completed forms may be emailed to

Preapproval Forms

Becoming A Foster Or Adoptive Parent
Potential Resource Family Forms

Foster Care & Adoption Program

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Modesto CA, 95354


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