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Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program

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Sierra Vista Child & Family Services provides two Short Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP) for children ages six to thirteen. Located in family-orientated neighborhoods in the community, these homes provide 24-hour specialized trauma-informed care for children who have unique challenges and cannot be safely maintained in foster care or their family of origin. The treatment team comprises highly trained and nurturing direct care staff, mental health rehabilitation specialists, clinicians, and psychiatric service staff who work together to ensure these children receive the most current, therapeutic, behavioral, and medication interventions. Services vary based on individual needs and may include individual and family counseling, intensive care coordination, intensive home-based services, medication support, and crisis intervention.


The Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program supports the youth behaviorally and culturally while building upon their strengths in a safe environment. Specific goals and objectives are formulated with the child to support the successful completion of the program so the youth can return confidently to a home-based setting.

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Last year 25% of our children stepped down from our residential homes.

Foster Care & Adoption Program

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