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Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Tax-deductible tribute gifts are a wonderful way to commemorate or honor a special person or occasion.


  • Celebrate birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, births, graduations

  • Honor family members and friends

  • Remember special people

  • Offer condolences

  • Recognize achievements, life milestones


When you make a tribute gift, Sierra Vista Child & Family Services will both acknowledge your contribution and notify the honoree or other designated individual(s), such as family members, provided you supply the necessary name and contact information when making the gift. Honorees will also be listed in our annual report and quarterly newsletter.


To make a tribute gift by mail, send your check payable to Sierra Vista Child & Family Services. If you wish us to notify someone of the gift, please be sure to include the reason behind your contribution (as in, "in honor of the 50th birthday of Sue Jones"), plus the name(s) and address(es) of those to receive the notification.


Your tribute and memorial gift makes a difference, make a donation.

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